I think about the challenges many companies' face to thrive in today's highly competitive environment. The most successful companies will be those that achieve superior top and bottom-line growth year after year. T & T Group is not immune from the challenges and issues created by uncertain economic times. To make sure we are on the right track for the future, over the past 5 years, T & T Group has taken a critical look at what we need to do to continue progress, meeting overarching objectives and strengthen our position as a leader in our business going forward in future years. The overarching objectives are:
  • Improve Operational Excellence
  • Maintain Financial Stability
  • Strengthen and Grow in Plastic Compound
  • Develop new Finished Products
    Out of our strategic planning work we have identified several strategic priorities that we believe will help us set our priorities and guide us steadily into this new future. They are to:
    1. Develop and maintain a strategic roadmap to extend T & T Group's current product portfolio.
    2. Identify new business and financial models to increase our product and services development capacity.
    3. Strive to keep landfills and trash facilities free of recyclable plastic products.
    4. Research and Development will continually work on new technology for polymer products.
    5. To expand our customer base and maintain the highest standards in customer service.
    And that's why T & T Group has become a worldwide single source in recycling to customers around the globe. We set and meet goals for everything in reduction of waste by the use of recycling.
    T & T Group has driven the expectation of excellence in recycling performance into the fabric of our business and operating systems. Our leaders set the climate not only by showing visible support for our initiatives and goals, but also by getting personally involved and establishing measurements that ensure our performance goals are met. It is a fundamental part of who we are and how we act.
    We have the same expectation and programs in the rest of the world as we do in the U.S. As we globalize our company, we have brought our outstanding T & T Group management systems with us. We are committed to maintaining our core values, as we continue to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities arising out of today's changing and increasingly dynamic environment.
    We have the foundation and the proven ability to execute our vision. And we know from experience that we can identify, launch and build a successful business. Looking ahead, we are aggressively pursuing opportunities to develop additional engines of growth for the company.
    On behalf of our management team, and all of our employees, I want to thank you, for the continued opportunity to work with you.
     Terry Lam  

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