Established in 1989, T & T Group has grown into a financially strong, highly competitive and influential business entity in plastic resin and scrap industry.
T & T’s main business includes globally dealing plastic resin, both prime and off-grade, and plastic recycling. We have been one of the top plastic material exporters for more than 10 years.

We have accumulated the expertise in the industry and established wide, strong business relationship with the plastic material suppliers worldwide. We offer total solution.

T & T has its own material consolidation facilities in the US, such as railroad tracks, railcar unloading and material packaging systems and warehouses. We are able to handle materials in different grades, forms and in vast volumes.

T & T has developed a sophisticated logistic networks equipped with powerful information processing abilities. We are able to arrange convenient, prompt bookings for the suppliers, expedite shipments and track the industrial customers?appetite.

We are able to deploy dedicated processing facilities in China. With the latest processing technology and equipment these facilities have a total capacity of over 200,000 tons annually.

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