Established in 1989, the T & T Organization has grown into a financially strong, highly productive and influential business entity in plastic resin and scrap industry. Its business is mainly in exportation of plastic resin, both prime and off-grade, and plastic scrap into China from all over the world, such as USA, some European countries, and the Pacific Rim nations.
  The company has a team of highly experienced professionals including engineers, technicians and salespeople. Started as a trading firm, the company now owns sizable, well-equipped warehouses and processing, recycling and compounding plants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Singapore and China. It has established worldwide, stable relationships with major plastic producers, recyclers, traders, banks and shipping lines.
  The headquarters, T & T GROUP, INC is located in Houston, Texas, USA. Besides directing business activities of all T & T affiliates, domestic and overseas, it solicits and executes purchase contracts and arranges shipments. With 200,000 square feet of warehouse space in Houston, it is able to store, segregate and pack large volumes of plastic scrap and resin.
  T & T Hong Kong LTD operates in Hong Kong. Besides selling resin and plastic scrap, it distributes scraps of various types to T & T affiliates in China. T & T Hong Kong Ltd. assists in receiving scrap inspection China ports. It also coordinates with EPA of China to obtain import licenses of plastic scraps each year and handle documents for reprocessed pellets to be exported from China as well.
  T & T (China) Co LTD is the center of all T & T affiliates in China. It is responsible for studying and developing the market in China, and coordinating T & T plants. The plants have been known not only for their spacious, elegant buildings, but also for their state-of-the art machinery and equipment, and their outstanding capacities of segregating, processing and compounding more than 100,000 tons of plastic scrap per year.

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